Kickstart your dream career
with top US startups!

Boost your professional growth with remote work
for the best emerging businesses across the USA
A lot of offers are part-time,
so you can easily juggle work
with your current studies and earn money as you do, too.
It is a great opportunity to speak English every day, as well as other languages in perspective, too!
Work and study!
Practiсe languages!
Grow with your startup!
A startup is a small team where you have the opportunity to grow quickly, both personally and professionally.
Get full support from the Grintern team: courses, programs, advice, etc.!
We offer full-fledged support at every stage, from the hiring process to all the way throughout your work! We are constantly in touch to make sure your first experience working for a US startup is super smooth!
Work From Home And Earn A Salary In USD!
Our talents earn from $300 part-time
to over $1800 full-time monthly!
Grintern has been helping young specialists—top graduates with impressive degrees—and professional teams find each other.
Since 2011
graduates have found their dream jobs with our help.
10 days
on average is all it takes for you to complete the hiring process and land a fitting job.
talents have joined various US startups with Grintern Graduate's help since 2019.
Facts about us:
What Do You Want To Do?
Our talents' diverse career paths cover a solid range of professional fields and market segments.
Development 24%
Other 2%
Junior Marketer 10%
SMM Manager 14%
Lead Generation 14%
Researcher 9%
Tech Writer 9%
Sales Manager 8%
Graphic Designer 5%
Financial Analyst 5%
That's What Our Talents Do
Here's a sample pool of potential duties
as a good example of what is in store for you.
– Enabling the funnel
– Responding to incoming messages
– Looking for new customers for the business and knowing exactly who to call back first of all, etc.
– Designing brand marketing strategy and the brand's model of social network presence
– Producing content plans, writing posts and overseeing video and photo shoots
– Setting up target advertising
– Researching new marketing channels
– Negotiating partnerships with bloggers, etc.
– Putting together vacancy descriptions to then post on appropriate recruitment platforms
– Evaluating incoming CVs and test assignments
– Doing background checks on candidates
– Testing soft skills, scheduling and coordinating job interviews
– Taking down notes during interviews and helping make associated decisions, etc.
– Preparing lists of contractors and freelancers suitable for work of any line or degree of difficulty
– Handling software and system tools, adapting and configuring them to company's needs
– Helping prepare for conferences, talks and speeches
– Preparing industry news digests and performing competitor analysis, etc.
– Being in charge of the logistics of CEO's vacations and business trips
– Booking tickets and hotels, double-checking CEO's travel papers and documents
– Managing an itinerary of company's CEO
– Doing anything really to help company move forward
– Preparing reports and presentations
– Entering data into systems and databases
– Analyzing rent or lease contracts
– Organizing trips or meetings
– Editing photos
– Organizing castings for top TikTok influencers, etc.
Send us a brief 2-minute
introduction video
Apply for the job you like
Complete a test assignment
Getting A Job With A Top US Startup Can Be Easy!
Complete an interview with us
Complete an interview with the company owner
Get hired
and think you will be a good fit for
or do a quick video call
to demonstrate your level of English
сreated particularly for that job
within 1 or 2 weeks after you applied
to find a match
to help us get to know you better, and have all your questions about the job answered
Our Employers
We partner with the best US startups—
fast-growing and innovative companies
with a genuinely promising future.
Learn more about a few of them below!
One of the leading stock donation platforms in the US.
Cherry Labs
$6.9M funded by Impulse VC and AltaIR Capital. A fast-growing company that provides solutions for real-time AI video monitoring and analytics for modern workplace.
OSOME is an international fintech startup that builds financial back-office solutions for over 6,000 eCommerce businesses. They have over 200 staff representing 15 nationalities, offices in Singapore (HQ), London, Hong Kong, Moscow, and Kuala Lumpur.
A well-known company disclosing salary information on large companies everywhere to let employees know their value.
You've solved my prominent problem: the tasks that I wanted to delegate—content marketing and organization—are very important for my business, but, as a startup, I don't have a lot of money or time to invest in these. So Grintern appointed a graduate to work for me, and she's fantastic! She takes the lead and does not shy away from the initiative, she completes all the tasks duly and is, overall, a truly delightful person. She, no doubt, represents a superb return on my investment.
CEO and founder
I don't even know what to say, really. She's an ideal candidate! Working with tons of teams, with everyone very pleased. Since she's doing great with all and any tasks, I keep giving her more and more complex tasks
Trace Air
CEO and founder
Grintern is awesome - process is quick, communication is clear, candidates are great. We have previously used other recruitment agencies and their process was really crapy. While here with Grintern it was easy and we were amazed how motivated and qualified the candidates were. We will definitely use Grintern services in future again!
CEO and founder
Grintern Growth
Moreover, our team has developed a unique training program called "Grintern Growth" that will help you adapt to an American startup faster
The juniors who completed our program have proven to adapt quicker and better to the environment of American startups and subsequently grow, as proven by the fact that the average employee layoff rate for juniors has fallen 3 times since its launch.
"Ask Grintern" sessions
Creating community across time zones and geographical distance.
"Ask Grintern" sessions are a part of the Grintern Growth program, to which we invite inspiring speakers with a range of expertise to teach our talents. Maya Musk's assistant, a venture capitalist working at the intersection of European and American funds, and many more top professionals in their fields are some of the guests.
Grintern's mission is to help students and graduates find and receive interesting job offers and provide companies with an extensive pool of excellent assistants
and junior specialists—fаst and easy!
What Is Grintern?
Grintern founder and head of Grintern's California office
«My international assistants helped me raise investments from Google and Founders Fund, and that's why I founded Grintern»

In 2015, Anastasia founded an AI fashion stylist StyleHacks. In order to build this product, her team had to tag hundreds of thousands of photos, as well as do a million other things:

• get in touch with countless influencers to obtain rights to these photos;
• write thousands of cold emails;
• schedule hundreds of events in her calendar; etc.

Anastasia appointed three assistants based in Finland, Germany and Russia, saving tens of thousands of dollars and hours and ended up pulling investments from Google and the Founders Fund for her business.

And that is how Grintern was born: a mediator helping other businesses employ students and graduates remotely from anywhere in the world. Over the following years, Grintern would help nearly 20,000 young specialists join companies ranging from small private businesses to huge market leaders such as Coca-Cola, PwH, Mars and others.
Anastasia has been a speaker at Google Startup Grind 2019, Vanity Fair's Founders Fair 2018, MobileBeat by VentureBeat 2017, Facebook F8 2017 developers' conference and other events.
Asking is cool! Find answers below.
Is joining free?
Absolutely! Our hiring scheme is totally free for candidates.
How much do I earn?
Competitive part- and full-time salary rates are calculated in USD.
Where do I work?
Everywhere! Since it is a remote job, you can work from home.
Do I need any experience?
In general, not really: most jobs are entry-level. You'll need a number of soft and hard skills, which we can help you further improve on if needed.
Do I need to certify my level of English?
No, we do not require any certificates. Your language skills will be tested and evaluated during the interview.
Can I grow inside the team?
Yes, certainly. Doing a good job is your ticket to promotion, just like it should be with any business.
Can I still apply if my education is not relevant?
Yes, go ahead! We select candidates based on their skills and potential, not their education specifics.
Can I work and study?
Certainly. We offer a wide range of part-time positions up for grabs.
Will I be working over the weekends?
No, all duties are intended for work days only.
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